LifeStory Memoir and Family history writers WORKSHOPS COMING UP:

Sponsored by the Raymond, Washington Timberland Public Library,530 pm to 730 pm, Tuesday, June
12, 2018.  Free and open to the public. No registration required. Just suit up and show up!

                                  What happens in a LifeStory Workshop?

Most LifeStory Workshops are about two entertaining hours long.  They are exhilarating and exciting
workshops in which people discover that they've been very good writers all along.  They just didn't know how
to get started!  The best way to get started is to join with friends and others and write and share what you've
written.  Charley Kempthorne,  an experienced writer and writing coach has presented these entertaining and
instructive workshops all over the USA and Canada. He is assisted by his wife, June.   

There are four parts to every workshop. First, we start with some memory-stimulating exercises.  Second, we
write for fifteen minutes, and then, third, we read aloud (this is voluntary, of course) what we've written, Fourth
and finally we talk about ways to publish what we're doing--and (not exactly by the way) to keep on writing and

June and I started doing LifeStory Memoir Writing workshops (sometimes called "family history writing"
workshops) in 1991.  We have presented our workshop at hundreds of libraries, schools, churches, senior
centers, recreation programs and even at police and fire stations! Just a few of the libraries we've presented at
are New York Public Library, Seattle, Little Rock, Tucson, Omaha, Kansas City, Wauwatosa (Milwaukee),
Huntington Beach (California), Perryton (Texas), Lawrence (Kansas), Topeka (Kansas), Lamar (Colorado), Coeur
d'Alene (Idaho), Grand Forks (North Dakota), Medicine Hat (Alberta), Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan), Winnipeg and
Brandon (Manitoba), Puyallup, Aberdeen, Olympia (Washington) and many others from coast to coast.      

Some workshops are done for a fee to help defray our expenses, but other libraries and senior centers can't
afford to pay.  Please donate to help us gather stories--real human history--when we travel North America.  
Thank you!
Junction City, Kansas, a group that has been meeting now for
about four years.  Right, Charley Kempthorne, listening to a
reader in a workshop,  started the first Reminiscence Writing
Workshop anywhere in 1976 in his hometown of Manhattan,
Kansas, USA.  His very first student, Jessie Lee Foveaux,
earned a one million dollar cash advance with the book that she
wrote in his class.  She was 97.