The LifeStory Institute
The writer's workshop for memoirists, autobiographers and family historians.
LifeStory was founded in 1991 as a how-to newsletter/magazine and also as an over-the-road workshop
travelling North America teaching and coaching new and longtime writers of all ages how to write about
their lives and the lives of their ancestors.  The premise is that everyone can, and probably should, write
their life story to pass on to their family,friends,and others interested, including and perhaps especially,  
professional historians.
All material on this website unless otherwise indicated is Copyright 2018 by The LifeStory Institute.

28 days to writing more or less happily for the rest of your life!  

IF YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THE CAREER OF A LIFELONG (nearly) JOURNALER, go online to    (That would be me, Charley Kempthorne, as interviewed by Dave Booda.) We
are June and Charley Kempthorne of the LifeStory Institute,and we are here to help you write a memoir!  June
doesn't journal at all, but so far this year I've journaled almost 938,000 words...that's a lot.  I hope to get to a
million by the end of 2017.  
Write along with me every day for the next 28 days and you will form the habit of journaling every day, one day at a  time.  In one
year if you write 500 words a day you will write 182,500 words--the length of three books.  If you write 250 words a day, you will
write 91,250 words, the length of one long book.  Choose which you want to do, 500 or 250, then start in and stick to it.  If you
have any trouble and need some help/support, please call me at 785-564-1118.  Leave a message and I will call you back the
same day.  This is important if you consider writing your personal and family history important to your descendants.